Construction Trends in Todays Office Interiors

Construction Trends in Todays Office Interiors

Office interiors are critical for the success of any business in Dubai. Not only do they provide a comfortable working environment, but they also create the right impression and improve employee morale. Office interior design, better known as corporate interior design, is all about making work more efficient and comfortable through functional interiors and fit outs.

An office that has all the important facilities at its disposal can be both enjoyable and productive. Many companies continue renovating their offices with changing trends and keeping up with the changing needs for a better environment for their employees, an accommodating space for customers and an interior that portrays the brand image of the company. Here are office construction trends you'd be wise to keep an eye on:

Flexible Spaces

Flexible spaces are integrated by an interior design company in Dubai into office spaces as a way to meet changing business needs and to better cater to the needs of employees. The ability to adapt a space to suit different needs is not just important for businesses that work with multiple teams, but also for any company that wants to create an environment where staff can feel comfortable and productive in their workspace.

Flexible offices are the most popular form of flexible workspace, but there are other types of flexible space available too:

Hot-desking – this typically involves having a shared desk where people come in when they need a desk at a specific time. This is often used by small businesses or start-ups that don’t have enough employees or money to buy permanent desks.

Open plan spaces – these are an open layout with no walls between desks or offices, allowing staff to move around freely without feeling confined or isolated from others. Open plan offices can be very effective in attracting talent because they promote collaboration and teamwork between employees. However, they can be difficult for introverts who prefer privacy or those who work better when they have some personal space away from other people.

Lounge Areas – These areas can be used for a variety of purposes including break rooms, lounges, or waiting rooms. Many companies choose lounge areas as part of their office design because they are comfortable places for employees to relax during their day at work.

Biophilic Design

Biophilic design is a design approach that interior designers and consultants in Dubai actualize by incorporating elements of the natural world into buildings. It’s based on the idea that humans have an innate affinity for nature, and it has gained popularity in recent years as designers look to create more holistic and human-friendly work environments.

Biophilic design makes use of natural light, plants and other elements of nature to create a more pleasant and productive atmosphere in office interiors. The practice was pioneered by E.O. Wilson in the 1984s in his book named Biophilia to describe “the innately emotional affiliation of human beings to other living systems”. The idea behind biophilia was further developed by Dr Stephen Kellert from Yale University who has written extensively about how humans are innately drawn towards nature, even if they are not aware of it.

Biophilic design is about making people feel good about themselves and their surroundings - whether that means using natural materials such as wood or stone or creating spaces where people can connect with nature easily (such as atriums or sky gardens). Biophilic design can help create healthier environments for occupants by reducing stress levels, increasing productivity, improving wellbeing and promoting creativity among workers.

Leveraging the Ceiling

Office ceiling designs have been evolving over the years. This is due to the fact that trends in architecture, interior design and construction have changed significantly. The changes have led to new ways being used by a leading interior design company in Dubai designing office interiors.

Today, we see a lot of emphasis being placed on ceiling designs and their utilisation in creating a unique visual effect. Ceilings are no longer just flat surfaces that are just there to hold up the roof or provide insulation against heat and cold temperatures. They can be used as a means of enhancing the overall design of your office space.

Here are some key ideas on how to leverage your ceilings for better results:

The use of decorative materials such as wood veneer, metal sheets, etc., can be used to create different patterns on your ceiling and walls. These patterns will help you create an interesting look for your office space without adding too much clutter.

You can use accent lights in places where it makes sense such as over desks or meeting tables so that they can highlight important things like equipment or documents while still allowing people to work during daytime hours without compromising on their productivity levels and comfort levels.

There are many different types of ceilings that you can choose for your office design. Hiring an experienced interior decoration company in Dubai means you get a ceiling that incorporates just the right texture, considers the height and brilliantly opt for the perfect treatment.

Collaborative Furniture

The collaborative furniture is designed to create a more open and interactive workspace. These are the products that are often made from lighter materials such as glass, bamboo or metal. The idea is that these furniture pieces can be moved around easily so that employees can collaborate in different areas of the office.

The collaborative furniture takes up less space than standard office furniture, which means that there will be more room for your employees to move around in your office. An interior design company in Dubai uses this trend to create a more relaxed environment where people feel like they can socialise and get work done at the same time!

Collaborative furniture is made up of:

- Ergonomic workstations for individual work
- Open workstations for group work
- Evening tables for informal meetings
- Reception desks for customer service
- Training rooms and meeting rooms

Comfortable work areas


In today’s world, people are always on the go. They need to be productive, but they also need to take breaks and relax. A comfortable work environment can provide both of these things. When you are at work, you want to feel relaxed and comfortable so that you can enjoy the time away from home and spend it doing what you love most – working! By providing employees with a comfortable office space, you can help them get more done in less time while also allowing them to have fun.

One of the best ways to make your office more comfortable is by adding some type of seating area. This will allow your employees to sit down, relax and enjoy their break from sitting all day long at their desk or computer screen. You should consider adding some sort of seating area for every employee in your office. This could be a chair or couch placed in front of a television set or even a fireplace if you have enough room available for one! If possible, place some plants around this seating area so that it looks nice and natural when people come into your office space.

Another feature that you may consider asking the interior design company in Dubai to add a coffee bar or snack station where employees can grab something quick before returning back to work again.

The office of the future is here


It’s sleek, efficient and environmentally conscious. We are in a time where technology is ever-changing, and that means that our work spaces must change as well. A new generation of employees is entering the workforce who grew up with tablets and smartphones in hand. They expect their offices to be just as technologically advanced as they are. The office of tomorrow will be filled with ergonomic furniture and high-tech gadgets designed to keep employees comfortable and productive at all times.

Here are some trends you can expect to see an interior design company in Dubai add to tomorrow's offices:

- A focus on health and wellness.
- Green design elements.
- The use of glass walls to allow natural light.


With CORAL SUPPLIES & INTERIORS LLC being one of the most popular interior fit out contractors in Dubai looking to more establish office construction projects we are glad to share with clients the most recent trends to ensure that their projects are up to date. This blog aims to give you a solid base for what to expect when you consult a modern interior design company in Dubai for your project.

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