Common Mistakes in Office Fitouts


Office fitout has now become an important part of transition. Every day, new offices are adding luxurious furniture to their space. However, we have come across many offices where the design was aligned with professional furniture and the utility services but lacked the important elements to make it feel warm and welcoming enough to attract new client...


How to Refurbish or Remodel a Coffee Shop: A blog about coffee shop design and construction

When a business needs to have a major refit or needs to change its structure, it's always an important time for the owners. It can be an expensive process, but there are a number of different ways that you can make it work for your own pocket and keep within your budget. You should make sure that you get down to the very bottom of what you need to do before starting anything. This way yo...


Must-Know 3D Visualisation Software Programs that are used by Interior Designers

One of the most exciting, empowering and fun parts of hiring a professional interior design company in Dubai is seeing how innovative and inventive the team can be, while still celebrating the principles of traditional interior design with the use of 3D Visualisation. And in this century designing in three dimensions is ...


Emerging Needs of Restaurant Fit-out Solutions for a Retrofit in Dubai

Over the past few years, Dubai has become one of the most vibrant locations for people to invest their money in various industries. The rich culture, diversified food and beverages available in the Dubai market have pushed a few investors to explore restaurant fit-out solutions. Restaurant retrofit solutions are needed in order to keep the customers engaged. It is always challenging to find ...


How To Stay Cool and Cutting Edge in Your Commercial Interior Design Project

When it comes to commercial interior design, the challenges are just as engaging as the benefits. As with any business venture, challenges can arise no matter the size or scope of the project. It's these obstacles that ultimately make one a better designer in their field. The challenges you face during your projects will directly affect your quality of work, along with your customer'...


Construction Trends in Todays Office Interiors

Office interiors are critical for the success of any business in Dubai. Not only do they provide a comfortable working environment, but they also create the right impression and improve employee morale. Office interior design, better known as corporate interior design, is all about making work more efficient and comfortable through functional interiors and fit outs.

An office that...


How To Use Fit out Designs to Influence Creativity and Behavior in the Home Office

Working with interior fit out contractors in Dubai means that you aim to be in touch with decorations, furnishings and other components of your home. There is a plan and project manager to design the home while accommodating the biggest factor: atmosphere. Interior fit out plays a ...


What makes an interior design project successful?

Interior design projects are made up of small and large components. Each one of these components can affect the overall project outcome. Whenever a design team has designed in great quality and the interior design consultants in Dubai have observed everything to do expertly, positive outcomes will come about.

Even though it is an art, it should be handled like a science. You need ...


Construction Management by Interior fit out companies in Dubai

As one of the leading interior fit out companies in Dubai, we pride ourselves in our ability to conform to the betterment and modifications that occur on all corporate, villa, retail and commercial interiors projects. These changes may take the form of finishing upgrades, building adjustments, ceiling and lighting incorporation among many others. Our skilled team can guide you through the de...


The Best Turnkey Interior Fit Out Companies in Dubai, UAE


CORAL SUPPLIES & INTERIORS LLC has the best interior designers and turnkey fit out contractors in Dubai focusing on creativeness, excellent quality and full commitment to deliver outstanding bespoke interiors that can meet clients' specifications. Since we are ...


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