The power of Feng Shui in commercial interior designing

The power of Feng Shui in commercial interior designing


The success of a business depends on all the elements of interior design working together. A business owner must take care of his team, his products and especially the business premises. We often realise that there's luck, serendipity or chance with designing and building your dream office or store in an ideal artistic way; something not to be taken or left for granted. But how can commercial interior designing bring success to the business owner? One very important element is Feng Shui interior and decoration style.

In commercial interior designing, this Chinese system is a significant component that enhances the image and brand of a company or corporation. It involves creation of a design and planning which will reflect the goals and philosophy of an organisation. Feng shui can help interior design consultants in Dubai to execute functional commercial interior designs, so let's know how.

The Ancient Art of Placement in Commercial Interior Designing

Feng Shui is the ancient art of placement, which is used to bring positive energy into your space. Feng Shui, which means 'wind and water', is a Chinese tradition that has been in practice for centuries. The basic principle of Feng Shui interior designing style is to create a harmonious environment by balancing the energies of the environment.

In other words, it's about creating an environment where all aspects of the interiors, design and build are in balance, so that good energy flows unobstructed throughout your space. This way you can create harmony within yourself as well as with others around you. A restaurant or office built with Feng Shui interior designing and decorating principles in mind will have a natural flow of energy meaning that there will be no stagnant areas such as corners or closets.

When Does Feng Shui Apply In a Commercial Interior Design?

Feng shui designing is all about creating an environment that promotes positive energy flow by using natural elements like waterfalls, trees, and plants. This is why it's often associated with interior design: Feng shui focuses on how objects in an office or restaurant technical design and build in Dubai are placed in relation to each other and how they affect people's lives from day-to-day activities such as work or eating meals together in the same room.

Commercial Feng shui interior designing creates comfortable and functional spaces that are pleasing to the eye. Best interior design firms in Dubai use their expertise to design office layouts, conference rooms and hotel lobbies that promote productivity and well-being among employees and guests. When applied to commercial interior designs, Feng Shui principles can be used to improve everything from customer perceptions and employee productivity to employee retention and profitability.

The Importance of Feng Shui in Commercial Interior Design

The good news is that by using Feng Shui principles in your commercial interior design you'll be able to improve productivity, boost sales and enhance creativity. You'll also be able to stimulate communications between employees and clients which will help increase revenue. In addition to its uses as an interior design tool, Feng Shui also has many practical applications for business owners who want to make their businesses more successful.

How to incorporate 5 Feng Shui principles into commercial interior designing projects:-

1. Water

Water represents abundance and health in the business world. It is highly recommended that you incorporate water features in a commercial interior design such as fountains, waterfalls and aquariums. These elements bring peace and tranquillity to an office or workspace. The sound of running water also helps to boost creativity and productivity among employees.

2. Wood

Wood represents growth and expansion in the business world. You can use wooden furniture and accessories such as desks, chairs and cabinets to create a warm interior design that boosts creativity and productivity among employees.

3. Earth

Earth represents stability in the business world. It is recommended that you incorporate earthy colours such as browns, greens and tans into commercial interior designs because these colours help create a sense of balance, harmony and calmness among employees.

You can also install plants in your commercial interior space because they add life energy to your workplace which improves communication between workers at all levels within an organisation.

4. Metal

Metal is the element that is used in the construction of your building, whether it is made of metal or has metal elements in it, such as glass or wood. It represents the Earth element and can be incorporated into your project by having metal elements in the furniture you choose for your space. For example, if you want to include metal in your commercial interior design project, you can use a table that has metal legs or a metal chair with metal armrests.

5. Fire

Fire represents the energy of action and excitement that can be brought into an office space by using bright colours and warm lighting. Make sure there are no fire hazards within your space before incorporating this element into your commercial interior design project!

A good way to incorporate fire into an office space is through artwork on the walls because paintings often depict objects set against a warm background or flames burning brightly behind them. You could also add a fireplace to your space if it’s allowed by local laws and regulations!

Limitations to using Feng Shui in commercial interior designing

Feng Shui is a complicated interior designing system that requires an understanding of the five elements, how they interact with each other and how they can be manipulated to create harmony and balance within a space.

The first limitation of this commercial interior design style is that many people may not have the knowledge or experience needed to know how to design a space using Feng Shui principles. It's important that people do not attempt to use this designing method without having a basic understanding of how it works and what its limitations are.

Secondly, there are some things that cannot be controlled by Feng Shui commercial interior design principles such as lighting levels and temperature control systems which require additional work on behalf of designers to ensure they are functioning properly and creating an atmosphere conducive to business growth and success.

This makes it difficult for an interior designer to fit all solutions such as those offered by local feng shui practitioners who charge based on time spent rather than results achieved. There are many different ways to achieve balance and harmony with Feng Shui, so try to hire experienced and skilled designers from top commercial interior design companies in Dubai.

Here are some tips and advice on decorating with Feng Shui:

1. Make sure that the colour of your space is soothing. Colours like blue and green will help calm your mind, while colours like red and orange will help energise you.

2. Make sure that you have plenty of natural light coming into your interior space. Open windows allow light to come in and help you feel more relaxed!

3. Don't clutter up your space with too many interior decorations or knick knacks! This will make your space feel cramped and cluttered, which can cause a lot of stress!

4. Make sure to place furniture in a way that allows for movement through the room without bumping into things or having to walk around them awkwardly (such as putting couches against walls or corners).

5. Place plants near windows to bring in more natural light, which most interior designers have proved to be good for everyone's mood and health.

6. Ensure that there are no sharp corners or edges as they lead to negative energy flow within the space which can cause problems such as bad luck, accidents or even illness!

How does Feng Shui affect Design?

Feng shui is based on the idea that good feng shui brings luck and good fortune while bad feng shui brings misfortune and bad luck. Feng shui commercial interior design can be used to improve your health and happiness by making sure the qi flows in a way that benefits you most.

However, if there's too much fire in your office or shop, then you'll have too much energy which might cause you to become agitated or anxious; if there isn't enough fire then there won't be enough energy for you to thrive or even survive in your environment. While this may seem like a superstitious practice to some people, feng shui can actually have a very real impact on your life and on your business.


Feng Shui commercial interior design style should be mentioned in every commercial interior designer's toolkit because it is a proven concept that delivers results. Some may see Feng Shui as just a fad or something from the Orient, but even those who may think that represent a potential client base who would benefit from this mysterious power behind what they may consider to be just another interior decorating process. Therefore, most interior fit out contractors in Dubai conclude that Fung Shui has a great amount of power in commercial interior designing and it deserves to be considered.



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