Curious About Turnkey Fit out Contractors in Dubai?

There's no denying that you're curious about turnkey fit out contractors in Dubai. It's okay, we've all been there. Let's start with the basics — what is fit-out exactly? A business owner will sometimes decide they need to completely redesign the interior of their premises. Perhaps they're struggling to attract customers or the tenancy just isn't ri...


The Pros of a Retail or an Interior Fit-out

In the last few years there has been a huge boom in the retail industry of new shopping centres, shopping malls, and other places to purchase goods. Most of these new stores are hiring interior fit out contractors in Dubai for their major building works. Although it would appear a lot easier to just get interior fit out companies in Dub...


Redesigning the Office? Things You Look For

A worthy office redesign is one that doesn't reference your company culture, brand or messaging. However, as much as I think design should be strategic and reflect what you stand for, we don't always have time to dive into the philosophy of office interior design Dubai. So just take a minute and focus on the practical steps of creating an office redesign — after all it...


Office Interior That Stir the Senses


Offices are the heart of many small businesses. It is the place where business decisions are made, where the team gathers to complete a project, and where visitors see your organisation's culture. As a small business owner, you want to spend money on things that matter: hiring people and creating your product. You do not have or possibly want to spend much on items like...


Commercial Interior Design that Increases Sales

As a professional interior design company in Dubai that works with restaurants, exhibitions stands and coffee shops we understand that designing is an investment that is worth its weight in gold. Good design improves productivity, increases sales, and provides your customers and clients with an experience they want to ...


Coffee Shop Design and Build in Dubai

Coffees shops with exquisite interior design and build have successfully risen to the challenges of being the most-visited coffee shop chains. From coffee shop design and build in Dubai to lounge areas design, Coral Supplies and Interiors continuously creates outstanding designs for our clients in the ...


Restaurant Design and Build in Dubai

If a restaurant doesn't look like it wants to be part of a scene then it probably won't draw people in - even if the food is amazing. Many of us expect restaurants and diners to have decorative furniture, art, and design that's not stereotypical. In order to score this, restaurants are working hard to embed great quality furniture, lights, co...


Exhibition Design and Build in Dubai

Exhibitions and shows have been a destination for many Dubai traders, suppliers, and customers for years. They provide a venue for the most unique exhibitions, company meetings, and extraordinary events. Therefore, it is important to plan your exhibition design and build team in advance so that they can tailor the layout to fit your needs exactly. Coral ...


Merits of space planning in interior design by Commercial interior design company Dubai

It's the desire of every interior designer to create a space that is aesthetically pleasing and comfortable and functioning simultaneously. Honestly, the constantly growing demand for spacious rooms has caused the prices per square foot of the property to rise.

Space is one of the major factors that determine how m...


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